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It’s Official! Baby K’tan Announces

It’s Official! Baby K’tan Announces

A Letter from Baby K’tan President, Michael Chesal (pictured):

Happy New Year Baby K’tan Retailers ! 

It is with great excitement that we’d like to announce that your Baby K’tan representative starting this new year, 2015, will be Tracy Urban.

Tracy L. Urban has the privilege of representing some of the finest manufacturers, in various capacities, in the maternity, juvenile and natural products industry. It was because of her relationship with Dr. William Sears and his wife Martha that Tracy and her husband started a baby carrier manufacturing business in 1987. The Urbans sold their business in 2006.

Tracy then went to work teaching at the third largest birthing hospital in California. This put to use her certifications as a Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator, Happiest Baby Educator, and Basic Life Support.

In 2007 she was offered the opportunity to work as a Manufacturer’s Representative for a soft goods company in the baby industry. Once other manufacturers learned of her career shift, it wasn’t long before she had compiled a wonderful portfolio of companies/products to represent. 

Tracy is a babywearing pro, and can help you, your staff and customers with all your Baby K’tan needs!  She will be covering all Baby K’tan accounts in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Hawaii.

Here is Tracy’s contact information:

Tracy Urban

o. 951-461-7424 | t. 800-727-3683 | m. 951-704-5042 | f. 951-231-9817

 And please remember, all purchase orders need to be submitted via your Baby K’tan representative. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon and stocking your Baby K’tan carrier orders.  Thank you for continued support and Happy 2015!


Baby K’tan Gives N’kenge Dance Mojo

Baby K’tan Gives N’kenge Dance Mojo

N'kenge tweet

No better way to start the year for Baby K’tan, than by catching a tweet like this one from Broadway actress and singer, N’Kenge. Ensemble in Broadway’s “Motown-The Musical”.  A perfect debut for the mothering “stage”.  N’Kenge?  You’ll rock this one too.


New Year’s Snow

New Year’s Snow

It was the night before New Years Eve and all  though my house, the voices of people all happy and loud.  I rose to my window to see about the clatter, when I was startled to see a very unfamiliar matter.  The vision of my yard all covered in white, and large and small snowflakes streaming down from the sky.  It’s such an amazement for all of us here, to Southern Californian’s it brings more than cheer.  I donned my flip flops and scarf in a hurry, I ran out the door to experience the flurry.  With all of my neighbors and joy inside, I laughed and joined in on the unusual tide.  As I stood in the snow, the cold nipped at my toes…I didn’t mind one bit because inside my heart was lit from the blessing of this beautiful gift. As I said this event is much more than special, it’s way, way more…it’s a New Year’s MIRACLE!

Southern California New Year's Snow

This is how this New Year starts in Southern California. Isn’t it great?!

New Year Snow in Southern California

A very unfamiliar sight on Southern California’s freeways.

Windmill palms bending with heavy snow in Southern California 2015!

Windmill palms bending with heavy snow in Southern California 2015!

New Year Snow is Southern California

Well…maybe this one is an exaggeration.


Wishing you New Year's Miracles!

New Year – A New Look

New Year – A New Look

Welcome to 2015! The magic of turning the page of a calendar has happened again.

For some of you the end of 2014 couldn’t come quickly enough as it has been a real struggle. Business has been hard. I continue to be in awe of your resourcefulness and tenacity. Let me say, “Congratulations! You’ve Done It!”

For others of you 2014 was a fabulous year.  It was the year of your launch. Some added locations, others expanded your store’s square footage. Wow! In either case, hard or fabulous, I love the spirit of the Entrepreneur.

At the launch of 2015 possibilities abound. (in truth they abound at the dawn of each new day – but this post is about the new year so….) They are available to every one of us. I absolutely adore the HOPE that arrives with a new year.

Speaking of which, I HOPE you’ve noticed the new look of my website. My sister, Shelly, built this for me. We have been collaborating on the things I wanted in a website for about 3 to 4 months.  I’m so excited to roll it out on the 1st day of the new year.  If you need help with your website or graphics or social media or email campaigns, Shelly is for hire. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get her contact information to you.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Christopher Reeve:

Hope Quote

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