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Free Freight February @Momma Goose

Baltic Amber

Enjoy this poetry by our very own, Kim B.
More importantly enjoy FREE FREIGHT ūüôā
Love is in the AIR….from all of us to YOU!¬†Rubies are RED, Sapphires are BLUE, Amber is….well…AMBER, but here is our ODE OF LOVE TO YOU….

“A” –¬†ASTUTELY PERCEPTIVE (You choose to carry the BEST Amber!)
“M” – MAGNIFICENT CUSTOMERS (And you give them the very best)
“B” – BOLD COURAGEOUS SPIRIT (Everyone should have as much as you)
“E” – ¬†EXTRAORDINARY STYLE (You trendsetter you!)
“R” – REMARKABLE WISDOM (You radiate¬†it!)

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