B Corp, Do You Know Why It Matters?


Motherlove added B Corp Certified to their list a few years ago.  At the time of certification Motherlove was one of just 1300 companies in THE WORLD to be awarded this certification.

After learning more about B Corp Certified, I know if I am presented with two otherwise equal choices and one is B Corp, the other not…the certification will tip the scale.Motherlove Products

Check out this webpage to read more about why this is a really cool deal!

If you would like more information about carrying Motherlove in your place of business, please email me at tracy@tracylurban.com 


New From Baby K’Tan

Newborn Swaddle by Baby K'TanSwaddle your baby in love, with the brand new Baby K’tan® Newborn Swaddle & Toddler Blanket. Its innovative breathable stretch fabric provides continuous airflow so baby doesn’t overheat while sleeping. As baby grows, your swaddle can also be used as the perfect size toddler blanket, stroller cover, nursing cover and more.

Free Freight February @Momma Goose

Baltic Amber

Enjoy this poetry by our very own, Kim B.
More importantly enjoy FREE FREIGHT 🙂
Love is in the AIR….from all of us to YOU! Rubies are RED, Sapphires are BLUE, Amber is….well…AMBER, but here is our ODE OF LOVE TO YOU….

“A” – ASTUTELY PERCEPTIVE (You choose to carry the BEST Amber!)
“M” – MAGNIFICENT CUSTOMERS (And you give them the very best)
“B” – BOLD COURAGEOUS SPIRIT (Everyone should have as much as you)
“E” –  EXTRAORDINARY STYLE (You trendsetter you!)
“R” – REMARKABLE WISDOM (You radiate it!)

Contact me today to get your updated order form for Momma Goose Products, Ltd. before this offer expires.

All New All Charcoal

This just arrived at LILLEbaby. The social media will be buzzing about the All New, All Charcoal Complete #AIRFLOW.

We (you know, me and my specialty retailers = we) love #LILLEbaby Airflow in my territory.

Retail price $124.99. Contact me for wholesale information at urban.tracy@gmail.com

LILLEbaby Restocks A Few Favorites

This morning at 10 MT the following LILLEbaby will be available for ordering.

  • COMPLETE Airflow Mist with Frosted Rose
  • COMPLETE Embossed Coral
  • COMPLETE Embossed Citrus
  • COMPLETE All Seasons Breton Stripes
  • COMPLETE All Seasons Soho
  • COMPLETE All Seasons Charcoal/Silver
  • COMPLETE All Seasons tokidoki Unicorns Over the Rainbow

I have the updated wholesale order form. If you need it just shoot me an email at urban.tracy@gmail.com