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New Year – A New Look

New Year 2015

Welcome to 2015! The magic of turning the page of a calendar has happened again.

For some of you the end of 2014 couldn’t come quickly enough as it has been a real struggle. Business has been hard. I continue to be in awe of your resourcefulness and tenacity. Let me say, “Congratulations! You’ve Done It!”

For others of you 2014 was a fabulous year.  It was the year of your launch. Some added locations, others expanded your store’s square footage. Wow! In either case, hard or fabulous, I love the spirit of the Entrepreneur.

At the launch of 2015 possibilities abound. (in truth they abound at the dawn of each new day – but this post is about the new year so….) They are available to every one of us. I absolutely adore the HOPE that arrives with a new year.

Speaking of which, I HOPE you’ve noticed the new look of my website. My sister, Shelly, built this for me. We have been collaborating on the things I wanted in a website for about 3 to 4 months.  I’m so excited to roll it out on the 1st day of the new year.  If you need help with your website or graphics or social media or email campaigns, Shelly is for hire. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get her contact information to you.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Christopher Reeve:

Hope Quote

Heathered Woombie


Karen of KBDesigns, makers of Woombie Original, Woombie Air, ModSwad and more, has just sent me images of the latest selection. I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Last year at the ABC Kids Expo the heathered fabrics that she introduced were so popular she has added more this year. Pictured here are the three new heather choices of tan, blue, and pink. What was called Heather Gray last year is now Twilight. It’s not pictured. Heather Gray was quickly my top selling choice in the Woombie Original line. Keep that in mind as you consider your Woombie selection this year.

(For my customers who will be attending the ABC Kids Expo next week, please know that Woombie will not be exhibiting. Please see me for details on specials!)

The line sheet is available upon request. Contact me.

Free Bird Woombie Original Heather (tan)
Woombie Original Heather Collection – Free Bird
Woombie Dream On (blue)
Woombie Original Heather Collection – Dream On
Woombie Pink Posey Heather (pink)
Woombie Original Heather Collection – Pink Posey