New Year’s Snow

2015 New Year's Snow in California

It was the night before New Years Eve and all  though my house, the voices of people all happy and loud.  I rose to my window to see about the clatter, when I was startled to see a very unfamiliar matter.  The vision of my yard all covered in white, and large and small snowflakes streaming down from the sky.  It’s such an amazement for all of us here, to Southern Californian’s it brings more than cheer.  I donned my flip flops and scarf in a hurry, I ran out the door to experience the flurry.  With all of my neighbors and joy inside, I laughed and joined in on the unusual tide.  As I stood in the snow, the cold nipped at my toes…I didn’t mind one bit because inside my heart was lit from the blessing of this beautiful gift. As I said this event is much more than special, it’s way, way more…it’s a New Year’s MIRACLE!

Southern California New Year's Snow
This is how this New Year starts in Southern California. Isn’t it great?!
New Year Snow in Southern California
A very unfamiliar sight on Southern California’s freeways.
Windmill palms bending with heavy snow in Southern California 2015!
Windmill palms bending with heavy snow in Southern California 2015!
New Year Snow is Southern California
Well…maybe this one is an exaggeration.


Wishing you New Year's Miracles!

New Year – A New Look

New Year 2015

Welcome to 2015! The magic of turning the page of a calendar has happened again.

For some of you the end of 2014 couldn’t come quickly enough as it has been a real struggle. Business has been hard. I continue to be in awe of your resourcefulness and tenacity. Let me say, “Congratulations! You’ve Done It!”

For others of you 2014 was a fabulous year.  It was the year of your launch. Some added locations, others expanded your store’s square footage. Wow! In either case, hard or fabulous, I love the spirit of the Entrepreneur.

At the launch of 2015 possibilities abound. (in truth they abound at the dawn of each new day – but this post is about the new year so….) They are available to every one of us. I absolutely adore the HOPE that arrives with a new year.

Speaking of which, I HOPE you’ve noticed the new look of my website. My sister, Shelly, built this for me. We have been collaborating on the things I wanted in a website for about 3 to 4 months.  I’m so excited to roll it out on the 1st day of the new year.  If you need help with your website or graphics or social media or email campaigns, Shelly is for hire. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get her contact information to you.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Christopher Reeve:

Hope Quote

Lillebaby Introduces A Doll Carrier


Holidays, birthdays, teaching them to nurture a doll days….a Lillebaby Doll Carrier is the gift to give. Encourage your little ‘mini me’ to bring along her baby doll while you are carrying your new baby in a Lillebaby Complete. The Doll Carrier, which is a replica of the full size Lillebaby Complete that you are wearing – RIGHT? – is available in these colors: Purple/Pink, Stone, Silver Mesh and Green Finch (shown here). Retail $29.99.

Lillebaby Doll Carrier
Introducing the CUTEST member of the Lillebaby family of products…

Wholesale ordering information is available by email at

Now Representing Bebe Au Lait

bebe au lait
Organic Blush Nursing Cover
Organic Blush Nursing Cover from Bebe Au Lait

Probably best known for their nursing covers, Bebe Au Lait now offers a catalog of beautiful nursing covers and so much more. From burp cloths to sleep sacks to swaddling blankets, Bebe Au Lait has been the brand your customers are asking for. Do you need the latest catalog and wholesale price list? Email me at

Calling All Business Owners

[My sister-in-law posted this to her Facebook page the day after the elections. I asked her permission to post it here because I enjoyed it so much. I think her exhortation is something we need to consider well before the next turn at vote arrives.]

Reason to vote
Your vote is important.

Vote- It’s important but not for the reason you may think –

Some people believe that voting in a political election is like choosing between having your eyes gouged out by a hot poker or scooped out by a Hoodsie ice cream spoon.

Both options are painful and you end up blind either way.

I used to be one of you. Until today.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for. It doesn’t matter who wins the election. It doesn’t matter if the choice at the polls is between Dr. Evil/ Dr. Strangelove and Mother Theresa/Pollyanna.

The only thing that matters is that you vote.

The power of the vote is not in who accumulates the most. The power in the vote is the person casting it. Each and every person who casts a vote exercises their personal power.

Each person who casts a vote does so because we are a culture that believes one person can make a difference. Voting is a mindset. We are part of a system, however flawed it may be, that encourages us to participate and make our choice, to have a voice. This attitude is so pervasive that it extends far beyond the voting booth and seeps into our identity as Americans. When I think about it, I’m not sure how much change actually happened because we “voted” either for it or against it.

Women were not given the vote in 1920. Women took the vote. They picketed outside Woodrow Wilson’s White House and went to prison – where they were beaten and tortured for days. They had no one to save them. Alice Paul began a hunger strike, and was force fed raw eggs through a tube jammed down her throat. In the end, women earned the right to vote. Women risked their lives, went to prison, were beaten for the right to vote, but what was it they wanted to vote for?

Think about that for a second.

Had their choices changed? Was there a woman they could vote into office to promote women’s issues? No! Women couldn’t vote, so they sure as hell couldn’t run for office. But they could make a difference. They cast their vote even before they picketed Wilson’s White House.

Rosa Parks decided one day that she was going to sit in the front of the bus. Was she allowed to do this because we voted on this issue? No, she took the seat. She took the right. She cast her vote.

Change happens, and then we vote. Change happens because we believe that one person can make a difference. And that’s why I voted today. I am one person. I can make a difference.

When you choose not to vote, you give away your power. If enough people give away their power, they will cease to believe that they can make a difference and that they matter. If enough people believe that they don’t m

Heathered Woombie


Karen of KBDesigns, makers of Woombie Original, Woombie Air, ModSwad and more, has just sent me images of the latest selection. I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Last year at the ABC Kids Expo the heathered fabrics that she introduced were so popular she has added more this year. Pictured here are the three new heather choices of tan, blue, and pink. What was called Heather Gray last year is now Twilight. It’s not pictured. Heather Gray was quickly my top selling choice in the Woombie Original line. Keep that in mind as you consider your Woombie selection this year.

(For my customers who will be attending the ABC Kids Expo next week, please know that Woombie will not be exhibiting. Please see me for details on specials!)

The line sheet is available upon request. Contact me.

Free Bird Woombie Original Heather (tan)
Woombie Original Heather Collection – Free Bird
Woombie Dream On (blue)
Woombie Original Heather Collection – Dream On
Woombie Pink Posey Heather (pink)
Woombie Original Heather Collection – Pink Posey



Caaocho…pure, natural, baby


Nature’s Clever Toys

Toys designed the way nature intended. Caaocho is bringing 100% pure natural rubber to the world of baby teethers and rubber toys. Minimally processed, natural rubber has been used to create cleverly designed, attractive baby toys that can reach to the baby’s back teeth/gums. And, CaaOcho bath toys feature an hermetically sealed design that prevents bacteria and mold growth and well as dirt accumulation, which makes them safe water play companions and teething toys.  CaaOcho toys and teethers clearly have pure, natural and stimulating advantages:

  • 100% pure natural rubber
  • certified non-toxic: BPA, PVC, Phthtalate, Nitrosamine FREE
  • decorated with food-grade paint
  • bright colors for visual stimulation
  • different textures for tactile exploration and learning
  • perfectly sized for baby’s hands
  • soft enough for baby’s mouth
  • develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills
  • develop a sense of cause and effect and spatial awareness
  • promotes sensory development
  • introduces social development through interactive play
  • sparks the imagination
  • hermetically sealed design prevents the accumulation of bacteria, mold and dirt
  • sustainable and biodegradable

caaocho toys and teethers

The New Baby K’tan Active Available Soon


SPRING ABC SHOW, MAY 20-22, 2014

Baby K'tan Active in Salmon

Baby K’tan introduces their newest addition, the Baby K’tan Active. A baby carrier made out of a hi-tech performance fabric. Baby K’tan Active provides a unique cooling effect plus moisture control for baby and caregiver.

This super-soft moisture wicking fabric will keep you cool and dry while also blocking sunlight so baby’s delicate skin is protected. Proven to reduce the wearer’s body temperature by 2-3° over other fabrics, the Baby K’tan Active offers the ultimate comfort for carrying baby!

Baby K’Tan Active will be launching in 2 great colors–Salmon and Ocean Blue for $59.95 retail. 


What Is Your Shelf Worth?

product shelf

One of the many challenges facing retailers is how to properly allocate shelf space to the multitude of products available and find the right products for your customers.  Finding products that are shelf-worthy.

Having been a retail store owner and a manufacturer, I have been given the privilege to see both sides of the “shelf”. You want products that are of high-quality, yes.  But still there are more things to consider to actually give shelf space to any given brand.  Some criteria for the product:

1. Does it work?  Do customers ask for the product?

2. Does it have general aesthetic shelf presence?

3. Is it supplied quickly each and every time you order.

4. Is the product safe? You could even push further to…Is it pure, natural, organic?

5. Is it produced by a company of high-standards and integrity? Said company will be the one to back their product and provide the support that is needed. And if the company gives back to the community…the world we live in, that would be a company all the more worth your business.

Here is a company/product that answers “YES” to all 5 statements above…MOTHERLOVE!MFG_MLbutton

Let me tell you first, that I have known Kathryn at Motherlove for more than 20 years. Our first meeting was at an ILCA Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. We were both business owners exhibiting at this event. At this point in business we didn’t even know what we didn’t know. You’ve heard that said, I’m sure!

Kathryn Higgins and Silencia Cox, Owners of Motherlove.
Kathryn Higgins and Silencia Cox, Owners of Motherlove.

I had sold my business in 2006 and I was asking myself “what now?” It was in this window-of-time that Kathryn invited me to represent Motherlove. I jumped at the opportunity! Now after working with Kathryn and her daughter, Silencia, I have come to know how knowledgeable they are concerning herbs, of their healing and nurturing benefits and I am amazed over and over again.  But more importantly, I have clearly seen the passion they have for their company to “nurture” businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and the environment.  I have heard Kathryn asked, “What’s the biggest lesson you learned from your business?” Kathryn replied, “Everyone should be treated with respect. Competitors, employees, customers – everyone.” and “If there is one thing/thought/idea that you could pass on to the next generation, what would it be?” She said, ” Take care of the earth. This is our home. Do the best you can to walk gently. Evaluate everything you do and its impact on the earth and on others.”   You see, Kathryn and Silencia have this conscientious nature about everything they do, in their lives and business. You see it in the quality of Motherlove products.  This is why I highly respect them and am proudly working with them representing Motherlove products. Motherlove and their line of products not only meet the criteria listed above but they are truly caring people presenting products to women and babies with a heart to help them through pregnancy, succeed at breastfeeding and be healthy.

Watch this short video. See for your SHELF