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Newborn Swaddle by Baby K'TanSwaddle your baby in love, with the brand new Baby K’tan® Newborn Swaddle & Toddler Blanket. Its innovative breathable stretch fabric provides continuous airflow so baby doesn’t overheat while sleeping. As baby grows, your swaddle can also be used as the perfect size toddler blanket, stroller cover, nursing cover and more.

Love The Heart of This Company!

On the last day of the 2015 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, local nonprofit KIDS (Kids In Distressed Situations) made its annual rounds to confirm any donations from show exhibitors. That’s when staff at Baby K’tan decided they would donate what could serve as an entire living room of furniture, including two futons, four side tables and six shelving units. Volunteers for K.I.D.S. collected the items and shipped them off to be used locally.K'Tan Gives

“Each year, we’ve seen some amazing donations by fellow exhibitors at the end of the show,” says Reina Christian, marketing manager at Baby K’tan. “We were absolutely honored and humbled to be able to participate as well. Philanthropy is an important part of our corporate culture, and this year we had the chance to serve local Las Vegas families with the much-needed furniture donation.”

Brainstorming for a re-launched booth at ABC 2016 is already underway at Baby K’tan.


Fraud Alert

Baby K’tan CEO Sends This Warning:

Dear Customers & Colleagues,

In recent weeks we learned of a scam from one of our distributors, which happened to some companies within our industry, both in Europe and the U.S., and therefore wanted to send out a courtesy email to warn you.

Hackers were intercepting the company’s emails and engaging in “proper” conversation with customers and emails were going back and forth. Once dialogue had been established, and the emails looked legit (headers, footers, tone, etc.) they would forward their “new bank details” to the customer asking future payments to be made there.

Obviously signed from an employee and many times “within conversation” (they would intercept original outgoing emails & would add the bank details to the normal business like conversation). Customers even sent emails to the President or CEO asking them to confirm the new bank details were correct and the hackers (after having intercepted the email, which never made it to the actual person) would reply, as that person, saying “yes, thank you for checking”.

We don’t know how big the problem is and what this means for this particular company but we just wanted to send out a courtesy email warning to all our customers/colleagues and also to say that we are NOT planning on changing our bank details or shipping location in the near future.

My personal advice… when you get a change of bank details letter/email, call your supplier and verify the new details over the phone.

As a precaution, can I also emphasize that our only delivery point in the U.S. is our current warehouse located at:

Baby K’tan, LLC
3721 S.W. 47th Avenue
Suite 307-308
Davie, FL 33314

And for our international distributors always confirm with Isaac directly (via phone & email) if you have any questions or concerns regarding a change.

We have heard other cases within our industry where goods are ordered & then delivery addresses changed to fraudulent warehouses.

Please forward this email on to all relevant parties within your organization and/or any customers you service.


Michal Chesal
President & Co-Founder
Baby K’tan, LLC

Direct: 954-889-5666
Toll Free: 866-937-5826

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Baby K’tan Gives N’kenge Dance Mojo


N'kenge tweet

No better way to start the year for Baby K’tan, than by catching a tweet like this one from Broadway actress and singer, N’Kenge. Ensemble in Broadway’s “Motown-The Musical”.  A perfect debut for the mothering “stage”.  N’Kenge?  You’ll rock this one too.


The New Baby K’tan Active Available Soon


SPRING ABC SHOW, MAY 20-22, 2014

Baby K'tan Active in Salmon

Baby K’tan introduces their newest addition, the Baby K’tan Active. A baby carrier made out of a hi-tech performance fabric. Baby K’tan Active provides a unique cooling effect plus moisture control for baby and caregiver.

This super-soft moisture wicking fabric will keep you cool and dry while also blocking sunlight so baby’s delicate skin is protected. Proven to reduce the wearer’s body temperature by 2-3° over other fabrics, the Baby K’tan Active offers the ultimate comfort for carrying baby!

Baby K’Tan Active will be launching in 2 great colors–Salmon and Ocean Blue for $59.95 retail.