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Body Care products and Herbal Supplements for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Motherlove’s breastfeeding supplements contain herbs that have been traditionally used for generations to enhance breast milk supply and increase mom’s freezer stashes. Click on the logo above to go directly to their website for more information. Or, email me for an application and line sheet.

Motherlove Feature

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On the Amber Goose┬« website you will find Momma Goose Baltic amber and hazelwood necklaces and bracelets for baby and adult. Jewelry that is reputed to be therapeutic. Baltic amber has a worldwide reputation that claims to help a fussy baby from the discomfort of teething. All baby necklaces from Momma Goose have a pop-apart clasp. Email me for wholesale information.  

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RiNGLEY Teether

A few years ago Momma Goose Products Ltd. purchased this brand of natural teethers and toys from a fellow Canadian.

RiNGLEY Teethers and ZooLEY Teething Toys have been gaining momentum in the marketplace. Clicking on the logo above will take you directly to the webpage that contains all the options. Mix and match these with any Baltic amber or hazelwood jewelry to meet the minimum order at Momma Goose.

Wubbanub logo

By now famous is the Wubbanub. It is a combination of a sweet plush toy with a Soothie pacifier. (the only pacifier approved by Lactation professionals) There are many characters to choose from and two packaging options. I have linked their logo to the website so you can see what is available. Not all, but several of the styles are only available to specialty accounts.

Check out Lovey by Wubbanub. When it is time for baby to wean from a pacifier Lovey is the obvious choice. There is a soft rattle in each Lovey.

Posh & Plush Nursing Pillow
Posh & Plush Nursing Pillow
The v-shape pillow for your breastfeeding moments. The cover can be removed and both pillow and cover are washable.