Baltic Amber and Hazelwood Help Calm Fussy

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Momma Goose Baltic Amber DisplayMomma Goose Baltic Amber and Hazelwood Teething Jewelry by Amber Goose®

At the register, this display of Momma Goose Teething Jewelry is a great point-of-sale item. AmberGoose® has a wide selection of styles, sizes, and sets of matching bracelets for both mom and baby.  The therapeutic benefits of these pieces are just the first reason your customers will be interested in buying: Baltic Amber is a natural resin that contains succinic acid, a natural pain reliever (anti-inflammatory).  When worn, the warmth of the body causes the succinic acid to be released into the skin that soothes teething pain.  Any questions you have can are answered on the Amber Goose® website.  Click over to read about the facts of wearing and care of Baltic Amber teething jewelry.

Hazelwood is also available from Amber Goose®: Hazelwood works by neutralizing the acidity of the body when worn next to the skin. It has also been known to help many other conditions such as eczema, acid reflux, heartburn, rashes, constipation, and more.

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Now There Is More From Momma Goose

RiNGLEY All Natural Teething Toys

Momma Goose has just acquired RiNGLEY – Canadian made, organic, natural teething toys!

RiNGLEY is the original Canadian natural teether that combines two effective teething tools: untreated Maple wood and 100% organic cotton terrycloth. These different textures enable children to satisfy their teething needs. Made free from dye and without harmful chemicals. The design allows your child to easily grip the ring and cloth. It can be used either wet or dry to ease the child’s gums and teeth. – See more at

Orders for RiNGLEY products are now being accepted and will begin shipping March 16th. This is a fantastic product, that fits beautifully with the Momma Goose existing line, the Amber Goose Teething Jewelry.  Combined ordering will allow you to try RiNGLEY in your store(s) and broaden your offering of teething product without having to commit to  large minimum order requirements.  Contact me  for ordering. [email protected]