Motherlove Launches Four New Products

Four new products from Motherlove --Morning Sickness Blend, C-Section Cream, Everyday Baby Balm and More Milk Moringa
Morning Sickness Blend, C-Section Cream, Everyday Baby Balm and More Milk Moringa

In celebration of its 30th year in business, Motherlove Herbal Company launched four new natural products this month. Along with C-Section Cream and Everyday Baby Balm, Motherlove® released two additional herbal supplements: Morning Sickness Blend and More Milk Moringa, their newest breastfeeding supplement. With this celebratory line extension, more families have access to high-quality products that are specially crafted for each stage of motherhood – pregnancy, birth, baby, and breastfeeding. Retailers eager to support their growing demographic of families seeking trusted, clean products now have more options with Motherlove’s extended line.

As more parents are choosing organic options for their families, Motherlove Herbal Company continues to lead the industry in producing functional products made with certified organic herbs for use during pregnancy through postpartum. Founded by Kathryn Higgins, an herbalist, when she was pregnant with her first child, Motherlove has grown from a one-woman operation into an internationally recognized brand. Known for its highly trusted and sustainably-made herbal breastfeeding supplements and body care products, Motherlove continues to connect quality manufacturing with Earth-conscious practices for both mom and baby.

“Ever since my mother founded Motherlove when she was pregnant with me, we’ve been dedicated to providing growing families with supplements and body care items that utilize organic herbs. Today, 30 years later, we are excited to continue expanding our product line so that more new families can benefit from functional herbs and the power of plants.”

Silencia Cox, CEO

Retailers eager to support their growing demographic of families seeking trusted, clean products now have more options with Motherlove’s extended line.

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B Corp, Do You Know Why It Matters?

Motherlove Certified B-Corp


Motherlove added B Corp Certified to their list a few years ago.  At the time of certification Motherlove was one of just 1300 companies in THE WORLD to be awarded this certification.

After learning more about B Corp Certified, I know if I am presented with two otherwise equal choices and one is B Corp, the other not…the certification will tip the scale.Motherlove Products

Check out this webpage to read more about why this is a really cool deal!

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What Is Your Shelf Worth?

product shelf

Having been a retail store owner and a manufacturer, I have been given the privilege to see both sides of the “shelf”. You want products that are of high-quality, yes.  But still there are more things to consider to actually give shelf space to any given brand.  Some criteria for the product:

1. Does it work?  Do customers ask for the product?

2. Does it have general aesthetic shelf presence?

3. Is it supplied quickly each and every time you order.

4. Is the product safe? You could even push further to…Is it pure, natural, organic?

5. Is it produced by a company of high-standards and integrity? Said company will be the one to back their product and provide the support that is needed. And if the company gives back to the community…the world we live in, that would be a company all the more worth your business.

Here is a company/product that answers “YES” to all 5 statements above…MOTHERLOVE!

Motherlove New Products

I have known Kathryn Higgins, Motherlove’s founder, for more than 25 years. Our first meeting was at an International Lactation Consultants Convention (ILCA) in Scottsdale, AZ. We were both business owners exhibiting at this event. At this point in business we didn’t even know what we didn’t know. You’ve heard that said, I’m sure!

Kathryn with Silencia of Motherlove
Kathryn with Silencia ‘Back in the day’

I had sold my manufacturing business in 2006 and was asking myself “what now?” It was in this window-of-time that Kathryn invited me to represent Motherlove. I jumped at the opportunity! Now after working with Kathryn and her daughter, Silencia, I have come to know how knowledgeable they are concerning herbs, of their healing and nurturing benefits and I am amazed over and over again.  But more importantly, I have clearly seen the passion they have for their company to “nurture” businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and the environment.  I have heard Kathryn asked, “What’s the biggest lesson you learned from your business?” Kathryn replied, “Everyone should be treated with respect. Competitors, employees, customers – everyone.” and “If there is one thing/thought/idea that you could pass on to the next generation, what would it be?” She said, ” Take care of the earth. This is our home. Do the best you can to walk gently. Evaluate everything you do and its impact on the earth and on others.”  

Kathryn and Silencia have this conscientious nature about everything they do in their lives and business. You see it in the quality of Motherlove products.  This is why I highly respect them and am proudly working with them representing Motherlove products.

Motherlove and their line of products for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding not only meet the criteria listed above but they are truly caring people presenting products to women and babies with a heart to help them through pregnancy, succeed at breastfeeding and be healthy.

I wrote this article in 2014. Since that time Kathryn has retired. Her eldest daughter, Silencia, is now CEO at Motherlove. Silencia’s sister, Jasmine plays a key role in Operations and her other sister Zena also works in the family business.